Sunday, December 30, 2007

How is it possible... keep going when you are told every minute of every day that you are of less value than others, that you do not deserve the same care, support and consideration as `normal' people, when the abuses against you are excused and reframed into `care'?

How do you keep going when you see more and more people like you abused, murdered, tortured, neglected, abandoned, and the world turns its back?

For Katie, Katie, Ashley, those who came before, those of us who are here now, and those who will come after

And for those who fight when I can’t.

When you will not hear my pain
You cannot share my joy

When you will not acknowledge my hate
You cannot feel my love

When you will not allow my weakness
You cannot be supported by my strength

When you will not accept my difference
You cannot appreciate my beauty

When you will not hear me
That doesn’t mean I have nothing to say

When you do not value me
That does not mean I am not valuable

When you will not see me
That does not mean I don’t exist

Copyright Me, sometime prior to 2001, with lines added today.