Sunday, December 10, 2006

Feminism and Women with Disabilities - Resources

This is a list of resources I’ve put together on feminism and women with disabilities. The list is about a year or so old, and new books have come out since, plus I’ve run across others that should be on the list. So it’s not comprehensive by any means, but a start, at least, for anyone interested in issues relating to women and disability. Any suggestions on what else should be on the list are welcome.

Mother to Be: A Guide to Pregnancy and Birth for Women with Disabilities - Judi Rogers and Molleen Matsumura, eds.

Women with Disabilities: Essays in Psychology, Culture and Politics - Michelle Fine and Adrienne Asch, eds.

With the Power of Each Breath: A Disabled Women’s Anthology - Susan E Browne, Debra Connors, and Nanci Stern, eds.

Mustn’t Grumble: Writing by Disabled Women - Lois Keith, ed.

Encounters with Strangers: Feminism and Disability - Jenny Morris, ed.

Past Due: A Story of Disability, Pregnancy and Birth
Elegy for a Disease - Anne Finger

Voices From The Shadows: Women With Disabilities Speak Out - Gwyneth Ferguson Matthews

Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity
My Body Politic: A Memoir - Simi Linton

Living Outside Inside: A Disabled Women’s Experience - Susan Hannaford

Different But The Same: Young people talk about living with serious illness - Heather Cameron (Australian)

The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability - Susan Wendell

Women With Disabilities: Found Voices - Mary Wilmuth and Lillian Holcomb, eds.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation - Eli Clare

Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability - Victoria A Brownworth & Susan Raffo, eds.

With Wings: An anthology of literature by women with disabilities - Marsha Saxton & Florence Howe, eds.

Carnal Acts: Essays
Remembering the Bone House: An erotics of place and space
Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled
Ordinary Time: Cycles in Marriage, Faith and Renewal
Voice Lessons: On Becoming a (Woman) Writer
Plaintext: Essays - Nancy Mairs

Oyster Grit: Experiences of Women With Disabilities - Victorian Women With Disabilities Network (Australian)

Pride Against Prejudice: Transforming Attitudes to Disability - Jenny Morris

Lives Worth Living: Women’s Experiences Of Chronic Illness - Veronica Marris

The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires - Tom Shakespeare, Kath Gillespie-Sells & Dominic Davies, eds.

Too Late to Die Young: Nearly True Tales from a Life - Harriet McBryde Johnson

Female Forms: Experiencing and Understanding Disability - Carol Thomas

Women with Physical Disabilities: Achieving and Maintaining Health and Well-Being - Danuta M Krotoski, Margaret A Nosek & Margaret A Turk


Health information for girls and women with a disability

Women With Disabilities Australia

Disability Studies and Feminism Online Magazine

Disability Cool: Sexuality R Us - info on sex and relationships for
women with a disability
Disability World Magazine - Up to date info on disability issues
around the world - specific section for women’s issues

Crip Commentary - Laura Hershey’s homepage

Abuse and women with disabilities

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