Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Thoughts...

"Normal" is a myth.

"Independence" is a myth.

People who say they love someone aren't always telling the truth.

The world is not a just place.

There are always people who will justify terrible injustices if it helps them keep their illusions.

No one is beyond scrutiny.


spotted elephant said...

I think these are important enough to count as truths, not just thoughts. :)

Penny L. Richards said...


Veronica said...

I'm *scrutinizing* you!!!

Muah ha ha!

red one said...

"Normal" is a myth.

I dunno - I think I'm heading towards:
"Normal" is a downright lie.

captaiN dandY said...

"The world is not a just place" is what inspires me to be a warrior. Like McMurphy trying to pull the sink off the wall for the ompteenth time, falling exhausted to the ground gasping; "well god damn it, at least I tried..." That's what compelled his much larger buddy to rip the sink out and throw it through the window.