Monday, January 1, 2007

Testing Email Blogging

Okay, Blogger seems to provide a way to post to one's blog via email, so
here I am, testing it out. It would be good to also have a stand alone
blogger client as well, but I'm not sure how the ones that I've come
across so far will work with the new Blogger setup. It's really hard to
find information about blogging clients on the Blogger website. Is it
possible I'm missing something obvious?


Moggy said...

Now that I'm posting under my online name again, rather than one only about two friends recognize... ;)

It's not completely standalone as in "runs totally independent of all other programs" -- but if you're a Firefox user, the Deepest Sender extension works with Blogger. (As well as WordPress, LiveJournal, and I don't know what else.)

It used to be really buggy and behind-the-times... But I started testing it out again earlier this month just out of curiosity, and found that I really liked how it has changed. I noticed that I'm using it for writing posts a lot more than my old one, even though (as usual recently) I'm rarely *posting* what I write.

Otherwise, when I did a quick web search on "blogger linux client" I did find something called Blognix, which runs under Linux (plus relatives like BSD). I didn't get a chance to check whether it's a newer client or if it's older/abandoned.

Book Girl said...

I had used DS way back when I first started blogging elsewhere, but I didn't like it very much, and changed to LogJam - which doesn't appear to work with Blogger. I'm having dumb-brain problems with installing any other stand alone client at the momement, but if DS has improved - and I trust your judgement! - I think I'll give it a go again for the meantime.


Moggy said...

Cool, I hope it works well for you... I actually just set it up for my rarely-used Blogger account, and posted to it from the sidebar. I had a few frustrating moments, but I think it was mostly fatigue... I did stupid things like clicking on "preview" then getting upset when I couldn't type in the window. Duh. ;-p

Is it just me, or do Blogger and WordPress feel a lot 'better' for more formal writing than LJ does? I never manage to write serious entries like that at LJ, though I did constantly at my old MovableType blog -- and I rarely write any comments in that vein. (Then again, too many LJ users fit the not-so-bright stereotype that freak out at anything more challenging than a Harry Potter book...)

imfunnytoo said...

I'd heard of the "post via email feature" but hadn't checked it. Glad to see it working somewhere

viraj said...

I use Multiple Blogs Software for email blogging.

It integrates well with Blogger, MovableType and WordPress.

Note: You have to signup for the service and there is a setup process to integrate your Blogger blog.