Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2007

I've been out of circulation lately, had a really bad depressive episode that has resulted in going back on to anti depressants for the first time in over ten years. But if my energy levels allow I hope to participate in this year's BADD. There were some fantastic posts last year, and I highly recommend participating in/reading the sure to be even better posts this year. Click on the banner for more information.

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2007


The Goldfish said...

Although obviously we want as many people as possibly blogging on the actual day, we also don't want to exclude anybody because of their fluctuating health. So if you're a few days late (or whatever) or want to do it a few days early to be on the safe side, you can still be part of this.

Hope that the anti-ds are helping and that life gets easier for you real soon.

mcewen said...

Glad you're back.
Best wishes

seahorse said...

Hey there, I bust a gut getting mine up there today and now realise that it really doesn't matter if it happens today, tomorrow or next week because nobody can read through all those wonderful posts in one day anyhow. I'll be reading BADD posts for the next week or so at least, and adding many to my favourites list to come back to so there's no hurry at all. The main thing is that you feel better, and I hope you do soon.

Philip. said...

It was a great day, loads of posts.

Can't wait till next year.

Get well soon! :-)